Lender rate cuts... we've got you Sorted!

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With recent news of lenders increasing their rates and introducing more cash back options, could more momentum and positivity be on the way?

Just a reminder that we’ve got you sorted for your client’s Conveyancing & other ancillary home moving needs:

Quick and accurate quoting

Our Intuitive system allows accurate quoting through a selection of drop-down menus and icons on the quotation form, making it as accurate as possible to the client’s circumstances.

Flexible earning - up to £300 per case.

Earn an additional income through flexible referral fees - up to £300 per Conveyancing case. Use the Income Calculator to find out how much extra you could earn by using SortRefer. https://sortrefer.co.uk/marketing/proposition-earnings

Not just for Conveyancing.

We have a full offering of other products that often come up during the home move process, such as Surveys, Specialist Property Reports, Wills and many more.

A hand-picked nationwide panel of Solicitors.

We’ve done the due diligence, so you have peace of mind you have consistency of process, and dedicated teams of case handlers.

Keep up to date with Real-time progress.

Access updates about the case at a click of a mouse, saving you valuable time and no need to chase.

Peace of mind for your clients.

Client peace of mind with our ‘No completion, no fee’ and ‘Second Search promise’ guarantees.

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