Sort Club

A scheme rewarding our loyal brokers for completing their Conveyancing business with us.

How do I join?

When you create a SortRefer account and start instructing Conveyancing business, you’re automatically a part of the club. We value each of our introducers for using our services. As a thank you, we’ve introduced Sort Club as a means of rewarding you with gifts when you hit specific case completion milestones.


How does it work?

You are automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Scheme as soon as you have a SortRefer account and start instructing Conveyancing business – so you don’t need to do anything extra!

Every Conveyancing case that completes between January and the end of December that same year counts towards you reaching a milestone.

15 Completed Cases

25 Completed Cases

50 Completed Conveyancing cases

75 Completed Conveyancing cases

100 Completed Conveyancing cases

150+ Completed Conveyancing cases

Once you have reached a milestone, you will be contacted by your Regional Business Development Manager who will congratulate you and talk about your gift options for the goal you’ve achieved.

The more milestones you achieve, the better the gift opportunity!

Gift options

Our Selection of gifts are varied at each milestone. We’ve pulled together a gift catalogue for you to pick your gift of choice. Those who achieve over the highest milestone will have their rewards discussed on a case by case basis. To discuss Sort Club further, please contact your Business Development Manager or Telephone Business Development Manager.

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