Fixed Price Remortgage Deals. Are you missing a trick?

Our Fixed Price Remortgage deals are designed to work well with a Lender’s cashback product (Free Legals alternative). They offer a competitive price for your client, whilst still offering a referral fee. For full details, please read more below.

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Our Fixed Price Remortgage Deals

Whether used as a Free Legals alternative/Cashback option, or used for a standalone Remortgage, these deals give your client a cost effective choice.

Earn from £30 to £75


Earn from £65 to £100


Earn from £115 to £140


Earn from £195 to £200


Earn from £275 to £280

Buy to Let

Earn from £65 to £100


Save time

Speed up time to completion

Client is King

Client and lender are protected (as opposed to just the Lender on Free Legals)

Full Control

Receive real-time updates on the progress of the case

Extra Revenue

Earn up to £280, depending on the deal and loan amount

Say NO to Free Legals

Choose cashback and Fixed Price Remortgage.

Free Legals vs Fixed Price Remortgage

View our side-by-side comparison for more information

What’s Included

  • Solicitor's Fee
  • Office Copy Entries
  • Your Referral fee*
  • Electronic ID Checks
  • All Land Registry Fees
  • Redemption of 1st and subsequent charges via BACS**
  • Land Registry Search
  • VAT and IPT
  • Bankruptcy Searches
  • Search Indemnity Insurance

Please note that the £375 Buy to Let cannot be used for Limited companies/HMOs.

* Your referral fee can be as much as £280, the actual amount being dependent upon the deal selected and the client's loan amount. In order for us to offer a fixed price, the size of the referral fee has to vary due to the Land Registry Fees charged by HMRC varying; the higher the amount of the mortgage, the higher the Land Registry Fee, which means a lower referral fee. This is also the reason why this offer is only available on remortgage amounts up to £1,000,000; anything above this and the Land Registry Fees become too high to leave any room to pay referral fees.
** Please note that if your new mortgage lender requires that your existing mortgage account(s) is to be redeemed by electronic funds transfer then this will incur an additional charge of £30 + VAT.

Extra requirements

At the time of your client’s remortgage, we understand there may be some extra work involved. You can use our Fixed Price Remortgage deals in conjunction with additional supplements — and it still makes for a very competitive deal!
Some cases will unavoidably incur a supplement e.g. cases involving Leasehold, Buy to Let, properties with unregistered title etc. See the list below for costs of individual items. Please also note that a small number of lenders do not accept Search Indemnity Insurance and may insist upon full searches being carried out which would also be at an additional cost.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Read what some of our other users think of our Fixed Price Remortgage deals.

The Fixed Price Remortgage deals are perfect. A no brainer when it comes to cashback products – why use anything else?


Using a cashback product alongside SortRefer’s Remortgage product means the client is fully covered and would not have to pay a penny for the service (and sometimes gets some cash left over!)


CoBi advisers love SortRefer’s Fixed Price Remortgage product and we use this wherever we can. Clients love the service as it’s so much better than most free legals and we love the income stream it brings.

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